Saturday, September 09, 2006

Are Christian and Muslim theocrats working hand-in-hand?

Numerous observers of modern religious fundamentalist have noted the similarities between American Christian and Middle Eastern Muslim fundamentalists, many of whom strive for the establishment (America) and/or continuation of theocracies. Armageddonists in America have seemingly influenced the current Bush administration's Middle East policies, as pre-millennialists who believe a large-scale Middle East war will immediately precede the return of Christ. Some prominent Baptists are at the forefront of the Armageddonist movement. Now we learn that the Bush administration, prior to the invasion of Iraq, placed their faith in Iraqi informers known to have been compromised by Iranian intelligence. In effect, Iran apparently wanted the U.S. to invade Iraq, and the Bush administration blithely obliged.

Why did Iran ply the Bush administration with false information about Iraq in order to effect a U.S. invasion? Perhaps they realized that a U.S. presence next door would, by way of reaction, bolster theocracy in Iran. Perhaps they wanted to topple the secular Hussein regime and have it replaced with a friendly theocracy, and saw an opportunity to allow the U.S. to do the job for them. Perhaps they wanted to stretch thin U.S. foreign military commitments and endanger worldwide goodwill towards the U.S., thus opening the door for the uninpeded development of their nuclear program. Perhaps all of the above were factors (directly or indirectly) in Iran misleading the Bush administration and stoking the administration's Christian theocratic allies who want to force God to send Jesus back to earth to temporally judge and destroy their enemies.

And, of course, this is not to say that factors other than pre-millennial fervor were absent on the Bush side of the equation, such as George W. seeking to finish that which his father left undone and providing a boost to the oil industry of which the Bushes and Cheney were deeply imbedded.

Regardless of the precise reasons, the irony is that Iranian Muslim and American Christian theocrats colluded, directly or indirectly, in escalating the conflict in the Middle East, weakening America's military capabilities and tarnishing the U.S. image throughout the world ... ultimately in the name of God.

Followup: View a timeline of how theocracy is taking ahold in the former secular Iraq.

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Gourley: I agree with you, but what do we do with Nancy Ammerman in American Interest Magazine.
I implore you and Buddy by the Mercies of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to with all dispatch get your hands on Tom Edsall's latest book, excerpted in the Sept 25
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