Thursday, September 28, 2006


The Fundamentalist Takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention was never really about the Bible, liberalism or God's will, despite the Takeover group's attempt to make it so. It was all about one central theme: control. The Bible, liberalism and God's will flowed out of the central theme of control: controlling the Bible, defeating "liberalism" and mandating God's will for God. And in taking over the SBC, the fundamentalists in the past 27 years have led the denomination into unprecedented decline, disgrace and scandal (other than the 19th century support of slavery).

So what comes next? A battle among "conservatives" for continued control of the machinery of a still-large but rapidly declining denominational institution. Now firmly entrenched in their unpromised land flowing with vinegar and bitterness, "conservatives" have turned upon one another as many of us have long predicted. The two sides will soon be accusing the other of not believing the Bible. The youngsters (having claimed the biblical character of Joshua as their own) supporting the Takeover geezers are already labeling Wade Burleson and his young followers as liberals; the accused "liberals" deny the label and are hurling back charges of legalism.

Who will win Part II of the SBC fundamentalist controversy? Actually, that is the wrong question to ask. The SBC has already lost, and on a grand scale. The battle over the leftovers of the SBC will have no winners as this unpromised land is scorched and burned by the misplaced fervor of men who feign divine mandates for their personal prejudices and agendas.


Paul said...

Well, they have to have someone to blame for the plateau now taking place. Maybe they feel like they've gotten most of the traction they can get out of blaming the CBF for everything and now they have to blame the calvinists, moderationists and charismatic elements.

It's getting ugly all over again.

Ricky said...

As much as I disagree with Wade Burelson on many issues there is one area that I cannot fault him on...even though he feels our denomination is in trouble he did not bail on it. He seems to be trying to change things from within instead of heckling from without. Perhaps there are two areas that Wade can not be faulted on...he is gracious others including those who have come before him (even when he does not agree with them).

Perhaps that is a trait that many of us need to cultivate.

Have a great day.

john said...

The obituary of the SBC has been written many times before. Just like those folks who always want to set a date for the coming of the Lord, the SBC naysayers have batted zero so far too. We will all probably be in the grave long before the SBC breathes it's last. I wouldn't start partying over it's demise too soon.

Anonymous said...

you think its a mess now, just think what a mess it would be in if these powerful giants had not taken over and contolled everthing so the sbc could be saved