Tuesday, October 31, 2006


After hinting at it for many years, a top leader of the Religious Right and his ideological soul mate confirmed what has been a closely guarded secret for some 2000 years: Jesus is really nothing more than a godless liberal.

The startling revelation came on Tuesday, October 24, 2006. The previous day James Dobson, head of Focus on the Family and widely-recognized leader of the Religious Right, welcomed Ann Coulter, author of Godless: The Church of Liberalism, on his radio show. Dobson, self-proclaimed and self-important champion of “family values,” recently made news by dismissing the Republican Party’s child sex predator scandal by declaring that the charges were the result of a prank played by teenage pages. Coulter, in the meantime, has emerged as a favorite of the Religious Right for slamming and slandering Democrats in Godless, her latest book. Dobson in turn welcomed her as a hero on his radio show, after which the two quickly launched into a shared favorite pastime: gloating in self-righteousness while swapping lies about “liberal Democrats.”

For two days, Dobson and Coulter had a good time kicking the stuffing out of liberal, godless Democrats while blaming them for every known evil under the sun. In the midst of the gloat-fest, the subject turned to liberals’ concerns over how to treat one’s enemies, including the detainees at Guantanamo Bay. Scoffing over the idea that any American would be concerned about how the United States treats or mistreats the nation’s enemies, Coulter slipped up and let the secret out of the bag: demonstrating “kindness” to one’s enemies, Coulter declared, is nothing more than “a liberal idea that will not die.”

“You have heard it said,” Jesus said to his followers in the Gospel of Matthew, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, ‘Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

Nonsense, according to Coulter and Dobson. Only morons would love their enemies … liberal morons, at that.

Yet Coulter and Dobson are right in at least one regard: Jesus’ commandment to love one’s enemies is indeed “a liberal idea that will not die.”

Coulter and Dobson, mockingly dismissive of Jesus’ teachings, apparently despise Jesus for being a godless liberal who believes in showing kindness to one’s enemies. Of course, the Religious Right of Jesus’ day knew all to well that Jesus was a godless liberal, and it was reason enough for them to have Jesus executed.

But Jesus did not really die when the religious fundamentalists of his day had him nailed to a cross. Neither did his liberal teachings, which live on to this day, to the chagrin of the modern Religious Right.

Thomas Jefferson, one of America’s leading founding fathers, tore out many of the pages in his Bible, but refused to dismiss the teachings of Jesus. But to Coulter and Dobson in 2006, even Jesus is a godless liberal who can no longer be trusted.


Looney said...

I will half way agree in that I think too many on the right simply don't care about the terrorists or their families. Each is a soul that is precious to our Lord. There is no room for conceit because we were born in rich America rather than poor Pakistan or Somalia.

Jim said...

Dobson and Coulter... that says it all.

Brett said...

Mr. Gourley, do you know what paritcular denomination Ms. Coulter claims? I am just curious. I know she calls herself Protestant, which is, of course, still wide open. I appreciate your comments here. I have often thought Dobson's 'professional' comments [childcare, etc.] to be more effective than his political ones. And Mr. Dobson and Ms. Coulter both tend occasionally toward the "if you don't want to join them, beat them with a switch" style of debate. Whereas it seems, there is much room in this world for holding your ground whilst still very much respecting the person of someone who feels just the opposite. I have often wondered how many people have it in their minds to not consider Christ any further because the picture they have of Christians is people like James Dobson and Ann Coulter. By the way, do you know where either of them write anything about their 'personal' faith walk, if you will. You know, not political 'conservative Christian' stuff, but anything about their own faith struggles, sin struggles, 'Damascus road' type visions, if you will.
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