Monday, October 23, 2006


For some years now, I have silently wondered just how long the Religious Right will stick with a Republican Party which is only willing to partially embrace the theocon vision of a theocratic, "Christian" nation.

Now, for the first time, I note at least one religious conservative pundit is publicly considering just such a move in time for the 2008 presidential election.

Bonnie Alba from Renew America, after vowing never to vote Democrat and dismissing the current Republican Party as also too liberal, has this to say:

"Republicans and Democrats, you have two years to get your act together. Do the job you've been hired to do, confront the very real problems of our time and honor your oath of office. In two years, I will decide with my vote whether you have fulfilled your commitment and earned your pay. There is a third party waiting for me, just in case."

A week earlier, an editorial in Tennessee's Chattanoogan had advocated for a religiously-based third political party.

Will other theocon pundits jump on Alba'a bandwagon? Even now, are Religious Right leaders such as James Dobson and Jerry Falwell quietly discussing the formation of a third party?

The theocons are, after all, in a tight spot. The nationalistic ambitions of the Religious Right are the hot topic of conversation in the Current Affairs section at local bookstores, and their theocratic designs have been broadcast to the general public even as the presumptive Party of God, in addition to being a wasteland in terms of ethics and integrity, has been exposed as a long-time safe harbor for homosexuals and a child predator. In short, the efforts of Christian conservatives to hijack the Republican Party, despite certain gains (such as the recent Supreme Court nominees) and a lot of public rhetoric from the Bush administration, have failed miserably.

If the theocons are to remain true to their nationalistic, moralistic faith and principles, they are left with only one alternative to save face and prove their commitment to the principles they publicly proclaim: abandon the tainted and corrupt Republican Party and form their own political party.


PBill said...

As much as the religious leftists would like to have that (a separate 'Christian' political party) to shoot at, I doubt it will happen, or, should it happen, I doubt it will be long-lived because one article of faith for the Religious Right is winning. A new party for RR folks would be a loser, IMO.

Dr. Danny Chisholm said...

I guess it would be the "theocratic" party. I like the idea of a two year fast as prescribed in "tempting faith" book.

Enriqueta said...

At some point you will have to come back to the reality of America.

Meaning, if you are really going to be a part of the Democratic system that we adhere to you may actually want to be what Jesus has prescribed christians to be seperate but all encompassing of submission to be love and good will not bossy and manipultive.
You are adhering to what is being done to the ME, but instead you are becoming a part of somthing that will grow to be the down fall of American life. We do not need to be radical's of faith in government but radicals of trust. Have you read your bible?

what does it mean to you in life?

Sit back and do what is right and good in the sight of God do not try to bully and push your way into the lives of people.

Remember what you do to the least of your brothers you do to him, so getting riled up and trying to motivate a swing to take over America which is what is being prescribed little by little will only evlove into somthing not of holiness and rightouness but all consuming of your egos, absolute Power corrupts Absolutly.

Peace to you,

Jim said...

Thanks for this Bruce. Doubtless, in due course, there will be a third, religious, party. It's inevitable.