Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Although many individual Christians and local churches claim to believe in and practice the whole Bible, Oliver "Buzz" Thomas, formerly of the Baptist Joint Committee For Religious Liberty, reminds us again that we modern Christians sometimes are a people in denial who have a habit of discarding scriptural laws which we don't like while clinging to scriptural laws which reinforce our own prejudices ... at the risk of being, yet again, on the wrong side of irrefutable truth.

Indeed, if we followed biblical law, our churches would be empty on Sunday mornings. After all, how many Baptists do you know who have never 1) eaten catfish or shrimp, or 2) sassed their parents? Leviticus 11 says that eating catfish and shrimp is an abomination unto God, while Exodus 21 demands the death penalty for those who sass their parents. Yet we allow these worst of biblical sinners to not only participate in our worship services, but teach our Sunday School classes and preach from our pulpits! (The audacity of it all!)

Sinning, it seems, is in the eye of the beholder. We allow our kind of sinners into our churches, but prevent those dastardly "other" sinners from coming anywhere near us.

But, heh, why dwell on such self-righteous inconsistency? Forget about it. Just take your family out to one of those evil, sinful, hell-hole restaurants ... the local Catfish House or Seafood Joint.

After all, that's where our kind of sinners go to for a good time.