Monday, July 23, 2007

Does the Religious Majority Rule?

USA TODAY's Monday religion column features an editorial on the manner in which local religious majorities in towns across America, including Southern Baptists in the South, are intimidating those who adhere to minority religious views in their communities.

Historically, Baptists, as a persecuted religious minority in colonial America, were the greatest champions of religious minorities in our nation, reflecting their commitment to the life Jesus lived in championing the poor and oppressed, and Jesus' teaching of faith as voluntary, not coerced.

Today, far too many Baptists, now a majority and convinced their views should be privileged and favored by the government, have devoted themselves to "defending" their own "rights" and forcing their faith and morals on those who disagree with them. They are so busy fighting for privilege and favor and forcing their beliefs on others that they have forgotten that the Bible teaches, and our Baptist heritage bears clear witness, that as followers of Christ we are not to demand our own rights, but rather to champion the rights of others.