Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Has the Religious Right Totally Discredited Itself?

As Frank Schaeffer summarizes, rar right evangelicals are gnashing their teeth over Obama, labeling him as the next Hitler and the AntiChrist; refusing to believe he is an American citizen; insisting he is a Muslim; and declaring that he has a secret campaign to kill old people through health care reform.

That people who call themselves Christians can so readily resort to ludicrious lies is beyond pale. But as Brent Walker, Executive Director for the Baptist Joint Committee For Religious Liberty reminds us, lies have become the public calling card of the Religious Right. And if Texas Governor Rick Perry has his way, our American government should operate according to the beliefs of Christian who lie about our nation's history.

The foundation of lies upon which the Religious Right is based is so obvious and so blatant that one wonders if far right evangelicals have so far removed themselves from reality and truth that they have sealed their own demise.

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