Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update on Christian Capitalists

Religion Dispatches offers a first hand account of the recent Tea Party protest (dubbed the 9/12 Coalition) in Washington D.C., organized by health insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry, and the Freedom Federation (see below for a longer list of sponsoring corporations and organizations), a consortium of Religious Right organizations that advocates for limited government, free enterprise, and free markets (no word on how these agendas fit in the Gospels).

More on the Freedom Federation, founded this summer in opposition to President Obama and Health Care Reform:

Among the groups represented are the American Association of Christian Counselors, the American Family Association, Catholic Online, Family Research Council, High Impact Leadership Coalition, Strang Communications, Traditional Values Coalition, Teen Mania, and Vision America. (see recent Christianity Today story)

Vision America (a theocratic-leaning organization) gushes about the Freedom Federation. Note Southern Baptist involvement.

Another article about the Freedom Federation.

And here is the website of Freedom Federation, which was initially envisioned by Liberty University's Liberty Counsel, a theocratic-leaning organization.

Supporting corporations and organizations of the 9/12 Tea Party protest (source is Veterans Today, which has a rather strong article against 9/12; also, visit the the 9/12 Coalition site):

* AETNA (Insurance)
* AFIPAC (American Family Insurance)
* Alexis de Tocqueville Institution
* Allied Pilots Association (pilots union which includes many VT supporters)
* American Association of Health Plans (Insurance)
* American Association of Political Consultants
* American Conservative Union
* Americans for Hope, Growth & Opportunity
* American Policy Center
* American Public Philosophy Institute
* The American Spectator
* Australian Barley Board (Australian govt's "beer lobby")
* Black America's Political Action Committee
* Blackwell Corporation (Finance/Stocks/Insurance)
* Bruce W. Eberle & Associates (Republican fundraiser)
* Business Mail Express ("direct mailer")
* Campaign Solutions
* Canadian MG Lewis MacKenzie (Ret.)
* CapitolWatch
* The Carmen Group (healthcare lobbyists)
* Carrying Capacity Network
* Center for Individual Freedom
* CIGNA (insurance_
* Citizens for State Power
* Citizens United
* Club for Growth
* Collegiate Network[1]
* Conservative Political Action Conference
* Ann Coulter
* Crown Publishing (Coulter's publisher)
* Davis, Manafort & Freedman, Inc. (very dirty lottery lobby firm)
* The Honorable Pete DuPont
* Employee Benefits Associates (insurance)
* Energy Freedom Alliance (oil lobby group tied to Tom Delay)
* Federalist Society
* Flickers Films
* Free Enterprise Fund
* Free Speech Coalition
* Freedom Alliance
* Foley & Lardner (lawfirm for the Coors family and the Heritage Foundation)
* Forbes for President 2000
* The Galen Institute
* The Hawthorn Group
* Heritage Foundation
* Institute for Legal Reform
* Institute for Policy Innovation
* Institute for Socio-Economic Studies
* The Keene Report
* Law Enforcement Alliance of America
* The Limited
* The Manhattan Institute
* McDonnell Douglas (defense contractor)
* McGuire/Woods Consulting, LLC.
* National Audit Defense Network
* National Center for Policy Analysis
* National Farmers Federation of Australia
* National Rifle Association
* National Rifle Association-ILA
* National Taxpayers Union
* News World Communications
* Nuclear Energy Institute (producers of depleted uranium)
* The O'Leary/Kamber Report
* Playcare Incorporated
* PM Consulting Corporation
* Prima Publishing
* Progress & Freedom Foundation
* Prudential (insurance)
* Public Safety Systems
* Republican Majority Coalition
* Republican National Committee
* Natan Sharansky (pro-Russian Israeli activist)
* Small Business Survival Committee
* Southeastern Legal Foundation
* Starboard Response
* Stevens & Schriefer
* United Seniors Association
* University of Phoenix
* USA Weekend
* U.S. Chamber of Commerce (anti-union/pro-illegal immigration org)
* U.S. English
* Washington Times Foundation
* Westinghouse Corporation
* The Winston Group
* WND Books

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