Friday, October 09, 2009

Richard Land Calls Free Market Health Care Rationing "Nazism"

Yes, Richard Land (executive director of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention) recently declared that health care rationing is "precisely what the Nazis did."

Problem is (aside from the obvious historical misunderstanding or wilfull distortion), he ignores today's free market health care death panels for the insured and the holocaust of the uninsured ... collectively in which tens if not hundreds of thousands die unnecessarily each year ... and focuses instead on the possibility that health care reform might ration health care (and builds his case for this possibility based on blatant falsehoods regarding health care reform).

Yet when Land labels health care rationing as "Nazism," he condemns the free market system which he and the Religious Right have long decreed as holy.

The failure of Land and his fellow Religious Righters to live in or even acknowledge the world of reality in favor of living in a fantasy world of untruths and Wall Street religion is a sign of just how far away from Christ and integrity they have removed themselves.

Ethics? It seems that Richard Land long ago forgot what the word means, for if he took the concept seriously, he would condemn today's free market health care rationing and demand change, instead of hawking the religion of free market capitalism.

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