Monday, May 24, 2010

The Texas War on Textbooks

In the world of American education, the Texas State Board of Education has been in the spotlight in recent months. Attempts by far-right members of the Board came to a culmination last week in a decision to re-write Texas public school textbooks in a manner which downplays minorities' contributions to American history, glosses over pivotal historical themes such as slavery, and banishes Baptists' greatest contribution to American history - the separation of church and state - in favor of advocating the myth of America founded as a Christian nation.

Following is a collection of articles, editorials and commentary focused on how Christian fundamentalists, in control of the Texas State Board of Education, came to rewrite history for the state of Texas, and the implications of such historical revisionism:

American Historical Association:
The official response to the Texas State Board of Education from the American Historical Association - the response focuses on history prior to 1877 (May 24)

Associated Baptist Press:
Texas board gives final approval to controversial textbook standards (May 24)
Religious leaders decry proposed Texas textbook standards (May 13)
Gaddy urges textbook publishers to ignore new textbook standards (March 22)
Baptists decry Texas board's votes on textbook standards (March 16)

Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty:
Texas Textbook Decisions Have National Implications (April 13)

Baptist Press:
Texas School Board Members Dispute Critics' Assertions (March 29)

Baptist Studies Bulletin:
Baptist, Muslims, Atheists and the First Amendment - by Bruce Gourley (May)

Dallas Morning News:
Texas State Board of Education Approves New Textbook Standards (May 22)
At Board of Education, Church-State Fight Grows (May 15)
3 Education Board Members Take Issue With Social Studies Proposal (October 16, 2009)

Houston Chronicle:
McLeroy Offers More Shifts on Social Studies Changes (May 17)

New York Times:
Texas Approves Textbook Changes (May 22)
Textbook School Board Set to Vote Textbook Revisions (May 20)
Texas Conservatives Win Curriculum Change (March 12)
How Christian Were the Founders? (February 14)

San Francisco Chronicle:
Texas Skews Curriculum With New Changes, California Set to Respond (May 22)

Telegraph (U.K.):
Biblical Values and Confederates Promoted in Texas Textbook Revisions (May 21)

Wall Street Journal:
Texas Board of Education Adopts Controversial Curriculum (May 21)
Texas Syllabus: It's History (May 20)

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